How we work

We are two homeopaths working as one practice. It is your choice which of us you would like to see for a consultation. After the first consultation we recommend that you stay with one practitioner, allowing the time to develop a relationship allows a better understanding of your health and history.

What happens when you see us?

You are asked questions about the issue you have come for. The questions identify the uniqueness of your symptoms and allow us to reach a prescription that is particular to you, your symptoms and your experience. This is known as taking your case.

How long will it take?
Homeopathy considers your entire history. So first consultations can take a long time, up to one and a half hours. A lot of information from that first consultation does not need to be repeated, so follow up consultations are shorter, up to an hour. This is why first consultations cost more.

What sort of questions will be asked?

Usually questions start with the reason you have come to see us with a thorough exploration of the symptoms with which you have visited. We may then ask about any aspect of your health or history. The more detailed the information we have the better we will be able to prescribe.

What happens after the consultation?
We work with the information provided. Occasionally we may contact you to clarify or expand on points. Then a prescription is sent to you with any necessary special instructions. You may be asked to keep a brief note of any significant changes in your health before the next appointment.

What about confidentiality?

The information you share is kept confidential at all times. With the exception of any agreed communication with your Doctor we do not tell anyone who is coming to us as a patient. From time to time we may ask patients' permission to discuss the case with a supervisor. This requires your permission and does not happen in every case.


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